Meet the Doctor

Stella E. Backos, DDS

Providing exceptional dental care in a comfortable, friendly, and pleasant atmosphere are priorities to Dr. Backos. She is a strong believer in preventative and conservative dentistry and is known for taking the time to educate her patients with the best treatment options available. She is genuinely compassionate and dedicated to a vision extending beyond oral health care in creating positive experiences for all patients.

Dr. B is a highly trained and a skilled clinician who prides herself in providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. She is committed to continued education and learning in order to give you the best possible service and dental care. She attends dental lectures, meetings, dental conventions and consistently reads dental literature to stay informed on new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that Fords Family Dental Care can employ. Being a member of various professional dental associations helps Dr. Backos stays abreast of the constant changes and recommendations in the dental profession.

Dr. Backos was Valedictorian of her high school and earned her Bachelors of Science from Rutgers College in 1984. Immediately after, she pursued her dental education at Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery where she graduated in 1988. Then, Dr. Backos went on to complete a comprehensive General Dental Practice Residency Program at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn. and Queens until 1989.

She has been a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. She had also been an attending mentor for JFK Hospital in the Dental Residency program. Presently a member of the prestigious Seattle Dental Study Club. Over the years, Dr. Backos has connected with scouts and students in preschool, elementary and high school classes in order to extend the importance of healthy dental living and promote the field of dentistry.

On a personal note, Dr. Backos has been married since 1988 and has two daughters and a son. She is an active volunteer in her church and has held key positions in several organizations.

Dr. Backos has been practicing dentistry since 1988 and 'never settles for anything less that her best' in treating and providing excellence for her patients at Fords Family Dental Care!!

My Story

My journey began with my immigration to the U.S. at the age of thirteen. I came as a refugee, from humble beginnings to live with extended family. As long as I can remember, I had a dream of pursuing higher education and a better future for myself. My love for learning began at a very young age because, thinking back, I often slept with a book underneath my pillow. I grew up in a village without any technology, so knitting and doing other creative crafts with my hands became a favorite pastime. It was the combination of my passion for learning, loving to work with my hands and wanting to help people that lead me into researching the profession of dentistry while still in high school. That's when I decided that becoming a dentist was going to be my life career goal.

From that point on, I devoted strenuous amounts of time to studying and ensuring my future career in dentistry. During my high school years, I did my best academically and graduated in 1980 as Valedictorian of my High School.

Having a set plan for my future helped me to stay focused at Rutgers University, where I earned my Bachelors in Science. In between semesters, I found different jobs to support myself. I always worked hard and stayed busy. Through all this, I was blessed to gain all these different experiences and the importance of being humble.

Graduating from Rutgers in 1984, I continued to Columbia School of Dental and Oral Surgery to earn by Doctorate in Dentistry. While in dental school, I had multiple opportunities to work alongside my professors as a dental assistant in their private practices. Learning invaluable practical experience from my professors was an opportunity of a lifetime for me and one that left a positive impact. While working in their office, I learned dentistry from the ground up. These professors have been long lasting role models in my dental career.

When I graduated with my Doctorate of Dental Science in 1988, I went on to work in a General Residency program for the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens. The program was very comprehensive for dentistry and a priceless foundational experience. Upon, its completion, I found employment in private practice with Fords Family Dental Care.

I am extremely empathetic to all my patients because I know dental anxiety at a gut level from the tons of dental work I have in my mouth delivered by different dentists. Through years of practicing dentistry, I have also come to recognize that behind each tooth is an individual person with fears, wants and needs unlike anyone else. My practice is full of compassion, integrity, and respect with special attention to each patient as we try to deliver optimal dental care. Our practice has solidly grown because of our belief in those values. Our patients are the heart of our practice who deserve the best and my team and I work very meticulously to deliver just that. We want to be a team that our patients' are proud to recommend their family, friends, and neighbors to...

It has been an amazing journey with the biggest gift being the multitude of relationships I have gained with my patients through my practice. I love being a dentist, I love Fords Family Dental Care and the truly wonderful patients and awesome staff we have. I am grateful to my wonderful husband, my two daughters, and son. They inspire me to strive harder and be a better person every day. I enjoy serving in our church and community and I am thankful for the great blessing to be a part of your life as we work to make it better.

I look forward to welcoming you to FORDS FAMILY DENTAL CARE, your dental home for life!!!