Afraid of the dentist?

We won't take it personally. The majority of patients are nervous the first time they come to visit us, but very few are still holding onto their fear when the appointment is over. Our caring staff prides itself in the quality care we provide as well as the comfort of our patients before, during and after their time in the chair. It is crucial for us to know and understand our patient's concerns, fears and dental expectations from the beginning. Therefore at their first visit, patients fill out the “Please Handle Me with Care” and “Comfort Menu” forms. We enjoy talking and making a personal connection with every person as we review these forms. We provide such a positive experience that people feel comfortable and relaxed.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family...

Your FIRST Dental Visit

Thank you for choosing to trust your smile to the dedicated and compassionate team of Fords Family Dental Care. We are committed to providing you and your family with safe, comfortable, and exceptional quality dental care.  As a practice, we are true believers that preventative care and education are the keys to optimal dental health.

Keeping in mind that each patient’s time is valuable, we strive to be efficient and punctual with your appointments. 

At your first dental visit with us, we begin by thoroughly reviewing the electronic forms filled out regarding your medical history, comfort levels, and dental history. During this process, we get to know you personally and listen to your wants and needs. Our next step is to take digital x-rays of your teeth and mouth. Then we proceed with an exam that includes a combination of the evaluation of the teeth, gums, bone, TMJ, oral cancer screening and review of the digital x-rays. This comprehensive exam and integrated individual dental education for each of our patients are the hallmarks of our success.

Our goal is to provide a conservative approach to your treatment plan. Visiting our office for regular dental visits provides our team with the opportunity to help you prevent and treat any oral health needs in a timely manner.

We believe that given enough guidance and education, our patients should be proactive decision makers in their dental treatment and oral health. Through our comprehensive exam, a customized treatment plan is prepared to meet every patient's individual needs. A range of options is always offered to those patients that are in need of advanced treatment.  We truly believe that optimum oral health is the window to a better quality of life and general well being!

Where you see a problem, we see a chance to make your life better. Whatever your reason for seeing us, we hope in the end to be more than a dental office to you. We are proud of maintaining lifelong relationships with our patients and their families. Every day is an exciting day because we are blessed and privileged to serve you and our community!

Let us bring your smile to life.. FOR LIFE!

CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT ***Remember, routine checkups are essential in maintaining a healthy smile!